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  • Do I have to go to my own registered GP for a driver medical?
    The simple answer is No! You can visit any GMC (General Medical Council) registered doctor to complete a DVLA D4 Driver Medical form. In some very rare cases Taxi drivers will have to visit their own GP depending on the Licensing Authority rules.
  • What types of servies do Medicals 4 Drivers provide?
    For Further information on any of our services, check our Medicals page D4 Medicals:- HGV/LGV, PCV, Minibus and Trailers. Taxi Medicals:- we offer Taxi medicals for most Licensing Authorities. Please check with your LIcensing Autority before booking a Taxi medical with us. MSA Medicals:- for fist time applicants or renewal of licence with Motor Sport Association. Forklift Truck Driver Medical:- Most employers require their Forklift Truck drivers to undergo a medical assessment. Crane Operator Medical:- Most employers require their Crane Operators to undergo a medical assessment. Public Service Driver Medicals:- Police, Fire, Coastguard, Ambulance and other Health Services.
  • Which areas do Medicals 4 Drivers cover?
    We have clinics across the Midlands region. For full list click here……
  • How much does a Medicals 4 Drivers assessment cost?
    Our low cost medicals start from only £50!
  • What happens during a Medicals 4 Drivers assessment?
    The Doctor will examine you in accordance with the requirements of the relevant D4 Medical Form. During the medical the Doctor will: - Complete an eye test (if you wear glasses/ contact lenses, one test without and one test whilst you’re wearing them) - Record your blood pressure - List on the Medical Form any medication you’re currently taking - Ask about your previous medical history (these questions are on the form and are compulsory). Once the medical is completed, you sign the back to say you have given the correct information to the Doctor and you must then check you are happy the form is fully completed and correct before ticking at the end of the form. This is really important as if there are mistakes or omissions, the form is returned to you by DVLA who deem this the Driver’s responsibility. Once you have posted the form to DVLA they will make a decision on your fitness to driver. They will either accept your application or reject it and explain why.
  • Does the assessment with Medicals 4 Drivers Include an eye test?
    Yes, it does. If you normally wear contact lenses when driving, please do not wear them for your medical assessment.
  • Is there anything that I need to bring to my appointment with Medicals 4 Drivers?
    You will need to bring the following items with you for your Medicals 4 Drivers assessment: - D4 / Taxi Medical Form - Driving licence - Your driving glasses and optical prescription (contact lenses must be removed for the eye test) - A list of all your current medication, the dosages and the dates you began taking them The medical form requires medical information from you in detail. so please bring as much information as possible so that Medicals 4 Drivers can fully complete the form for you.
  • How do I find further information?
    You are more than welcome to search on our website regarding details of different medicals that we provide. You can email us or give us a call for further information. Also detailed relevant information can be found on the following websites:- DVLA Local Licensing Authority Council website Motor Sport Association
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