Terms & Conditions

Any enquiries can be emailed to admin@medicals4drivers.com. Alternatively please call us on 01782 213214.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the correct form is brought to the appointment. 

  • DVLA guidelines mandate a photo ID check before proceeding with the medical; if appropriate ID is not brought on the day, the medical will not be completed and appointment costs will not be refunded under any circumstance.

  • You must bring your glasses and/or contact lenses (if applicable). As an eye test will also be conducted without any vision correction, please bring a container for your contact lenses. 

  • If you have any medical conditions or take any regular medications, you must bring details of these to be added to your form. This included details of any regular appointments at the hospital, medication name, dose and starting date. 

  • You must fill in the ‘your details’ section of the form including you current address and registered GP details. 

  • For taxi medicals, it is your responsibility to ensure the licensing authority accept medical reports from a doctor other than your own GP. Some licensing authorities require that the doctor has access to your medical records. If so, it is your responsibility to ensure these are brought to the appointment.  

  • If you fail to bring any of the above-required information, then the doctor will not be able to complete the medical and no refund will be issued. Any further consultations will be charged at the usual fixed rate. 

  • Any blood pressure reading with a systolic greater than 179 or diastolic greater than 99 will result in a failed medical. The cut-off provided by the DVLA is >179/99. If a medical is failed based on this, the client must see his GP for potential treatment before rebooking. Further medicals will be charged at the normal fixed rate. 

  • The eyesight test will be carried out using a 3m Snellen chart. The DVLA mandate that drivers have a minimum of 6/7.5 in one eye and 6/60 in the other. Eye tests not reaching this requirement will result in a failed medical. If this occurs, the doctor will still continue and complete remainder of the form. You would then need to ascertain corrective lenses from your optometrist and ask them to complete the eye test section. 

  • The customer will not be entitled to a refund in cases where the medical could not be completed due to language barrier. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide an interpreter in these circumstances.



  • The full fee will be charged at the time of booking the appointment. The fee is non-refundable except in the case of an appointment cancelled with more than 3 working days notice before the appointment.


  • There will be no refunds issued for medicals non-attended.

If we are unable to carry out your booked medical, you can choose to either reschedule or opt for a full refund. Any other losses incurred due to this will not be compensated under any circumstance.